What Can Be Done?

Modifying Exercise Routines

Every dog has different requirements but there are some crucial points to understand when making an exercise plan.
  1. Judge your dog’s current condition at home not at the park
  2. Be prepared to put him on a lead if you feel they are doing too much
  3. Don’t be fooled by sudden dramatic improvements when out walking/playing; judge your dog on their behaviour at home.
  1. Be prepared to change what you do on your walks. Stop high-intensity games and replace them with more mentally stimulating challenges, like hide-and-seek the ball.
  1. Watch how your dog is walking, how fast or slow, are they dragging behind? If so turn around sooner than later.
  1. Watch them walking with you, note stumbles, trips, tiring and go home sooner if you suspect they are slowing down on the walk.
  1. Be considerate when choosing where to walk; the surface and terrain could be too hard for your dog
  2. If you are unsure watch for stumbles and early tiring on a walk, and learn from what you see.
  1. If in doubt that they can manage a physical activity don’t ask them to do it.
  1. Avoid hazards and walks that could lead to stumbles and falls.