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CAM needs your business support

Help support the important work of Canine Arthritis Management and their dedicated team of volunteers by becoming a sponsor.

Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) is committed to promoting better care of our canine friends who suffer from arthritis. We believe that through education, the disease can be better tackled to give our dogs longer, healthier lives free from pain. CAM aims to challenge arthritis as the major cause of elective euthanasia in the UK and around the world.

CAM was developed by Hannah Capon, an award-winning veterinary surgeon with wide-ranging experience of working with arthritic dogs, their owners and fellow professionals from all over the world, to create effective long-term management plans as well as advice, information and education.

CAM hopes their website, online shop, multiple social media channels and educational platforms will open up opportunities to work with businesses who share CAM’s dedication to support dogs, dog owners, and promote excellent proactive animal healthcare.

Do you share CAM’s passion and ethos? Are you the business who can support CAM through regular sponsorship to allow us to reach an even wider worldwide audience? Contact us now to discuss further.