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CAM was set up and is led by award winning vet Dr Hannah Capon, winner of the 2019 CEVA Vet of the Year Award and the 2020 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Impact Award. Hannah’s goal is to educate people about canine arthritis.

She does this by creating online content about the early detection and multimodal management of canine arthritis for caregivers and professionals alike. However behind any great person is always a great team! CAM has a huge army of professionals and volunteers bringing their expertise and experience to ensure CAM’s continuing success.

CAM can help...

Our mission is to make caring appropriately for your dog with arthritis as stress free as possible, helping you to enjoy your time together with your pet. Doing nothing isn’t an option, so check out all our information on Managing Arthritis, and take a look at all the more active ways we can help, too.


Follow our practical and easy advice to help make life much more comfortable for your canine friend.


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