Help Em Up Harness CAM Endorsed

Help ‘Em Up

Harnesses designed to help dogs and owners

CAM is a massive fan of the Help ‘Em Up harness because it is one step ahead. It’s not only a device that supports dogs with declining independent mobility, but it also considers the caregiver of that dog by providing many adaptations to the harness to prevent them sacrificing their own comfort whilst trying to improve that of their dog’s.

Benefits of the Help ’Em Up Harness

  • Great quality
  • Supports dogs with declining mobility
  • Has many adaptations to help the caregiver
  • Great functionality, flexibility and durability
  • Padded and comfortable


“I have used the Help ‘Em Up harness for many years, and love its functionality, flexibility and durability. It really is an essential piece of kit for any practitioner to recommend.”

Hannah Capon