Floors For Paws CAM Endorsed

Floors for Paws

Style and durability

Floors for Paws have designed a non-slip floor to help reduce slips and trips around the home. A slippery floor at home can cause acute flares as a slip puts a joint into an abnormal position. This will massively aggravate arthritis over an extended period. This is also a great product to get when your dog is young and helps reduce the onset.

Benefits of Floors for Paws Product

  • This non-slip floor reduces risk of injury
  • Will reduce slips and trips
  • Looks great
  • Waterproof and easy to clean


“The PawSafe range for Floors for Paws offers dog owners a unique non-slip flooring option that will give their arthritic dog a greater sense of confidence and safety while also helping to prevent further injury to their joints.”

Harmony Coriddi, CAM’s Head of Education