Julia Robertson

Julia Robertson

Founder & MD of Galen Canine Myotherapy

Julia is the founder and global head of the Galen Myotherapy organisation. Established in 2002, Julia was one of the very first in the UK to treat and understand the effects of adaptive change (or muscular compensation) in dogs.

Since 2002, Julia has worked tirelessly to improve dogs lives and their health. In this time she has treated over 8,000 dogs and trained hundreds of people in Galen Myotherapy techniques.

She is considered an expert, pioneer and leader in her field of Canine Myotherapy both in the UK and worldwide. This is reflected in the number of national and international invitations to both speak and teach. Over the last four years she has travelled to 12 different countries and made 29 International appearances, spreading the knowledge and helping dogs across continents.

She is an expert within this modality and has developed Positive P.A.C.T.®, Galen’s unique methodology for ‘choice led treatment’ which is revolutionary when working with animals in pain. It has been formed from her extensive experience and observations over her years of practice. She was also one of the first to bring the correlation between canine ‘Pain and Behaviour’ to the public’s awareness. This has now been formalised into the Galen Comfort Scale©, which is being used in the many studies and treatments that Galen are involved in.

In 2019, the first Galen Myotherapy International School was launched in Oslo, Norway which was quickly followed by the launch of a second school in Melbourne, Australia. 2019 also saw the translation of the Galen Canine Myotherapy Diploma into Spanish, providing greater accessibility to the course worldwide.

Over the years Julia has met and has made some truly amazing associates, luminaries in their field, who work closely with her and with the development of the Galen Myotherapy organisation.

Julia is a published author of three books and has produced two DVD’s including ‘Tongue to Tail’ which was the winner of the coveted US Maxwell Award – from the Dog Writers Association of America in 2012.  Julia also founded the charity War Dogs Remembered in 2015.   The charity was set up to pay tribute to and raise awareness of all the dogs that have served in the military, and especially the pet dogs that contributed to the Great War and the Second World War.

Published books:

1) ‘Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog’ published by Taylor Francis (co-authored with Andy Mead BVet Med M.R.C.V.C.)
‘Julia Robertson’s Physical Therapy and Massage for the Dog is one of CRC Press’ most popular veterinary titles. It has sold thousands of copies and flies off the bookstand at vet conferences. Accessibly written, practical and comprehensive, it is a must-read for anybody involved in canine welfare, whether veterinary practitioner, student, therapist, dog trainer or even dog owner.’
Alice Oven, Senior Editor,  Veterinary Medicine, CRC Press

2) ‘The Complete Dog Massage Manual’ published by Hubbie and Hattie

3) ‘Exercising your Puppy’ published by Hubble and Hattie, co-authored with Liz Pope.

She is currently under contract to write three more books.