Canine arthritis management cam
Canine arthritis management cam
Canine arthritis management cam

Canine Arthritis.
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Canine arthritis management cam


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How do I know if my dog has arthritis? How can I tell if my dog is in pain? Do young dogs get arthritis? I have just found out my dog has arthritis-what do I do?

For answers to these questions, and more, Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) is the best starting point.
Click on the play buttons in the 10 videos below where Hannah takes you through the basics.

After watching the videos, clicking the read more buttons take you to web pages with more in-depth information on each subject.


CAM has a huge amount of free, independent, evidence-based information on how to identify the early signs of pain and discomfort in your dog, how to confirm whether they have arthritis, and what you can do to help them once the diagnosis of arthritis has been confirmed.

CAM is led by veterinarians, so you are guaranteed to find arthritis-related information based on the latest research. You will learn about the various ways dogs show us when they are in pain. You will also find huge amounts of information on pain relief options, medications, and other aspects of the multimodal approach-and how they help to alleviate pain and give #YourDogMoreYears.

The CAM YouTube channel has interviews with experts from around the world on a range of topics related to arthritis and pain management in dogs. The CAM Facebook page also has a wealth of arthritis-related information. Holly’s Army is where you will find more personalised support and advice from vets, nurses, physios and others also living with arthritic dogs. You can also join the CAM Member Zone where you have access to a wealth of Members-only information, Facebook page, Tea & Chats with Hannah and much more.

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80% of dogs over 8 years old have arthritis.
Arthritis is a major cause of elective euthanasia.

Join the CAM Member Zone today and arm yourself with the knowledge and the tools needed to help your dog live more years!


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Did you know CAM has an online shop selling a wide range of products sourced to help you and your dog manage arthritis effectively. Every purchase helps CAM continue with its important work.

Canine Arthritis Management, specifically Dr Hannah Capon, is proud to be part of the Joint Health Initiative with Boehringer Ingelheim