Hills Food CAM Endorsed

Hill’s Prescription Diet

For arthritis and weight management

When you think of veterinary therapeutic foods, you think of Hill’s. Leaders in science driven formulations tailored for the animals’ needs, be it life stage, activity or disease state. Hill’s are the pioneers of omega 3 supplemented foods to aid managing arthritis, as well as innovators of weight loss and weight management foods.
Hill’s diets that CAM recommends include: Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d Dog Food (dry and canned versions), Hill’s Prescription Diet j/d Reduced Calorie (dry version) and Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility (dry and canned versions).

Benefits of a Hills pet food

  • Supported by science
  • Clinically proven nutrition to help dogs naturally lose weight and/or improve mobility in as little as 21 days* (*see individual product information for specific claims)
  • Simple and easy to follow feeding instructions
  • Designed to reduce the complexity of weight management plans


“The Hill’s arthritis support range of foods should not only be recommended but also celebrated. Very few companies perform clinical trials to substantiate their claims. Hill’s do, and the Prescription Diet j/d formulation is a result of a number of clinical studies!”

Hannah Capon