Identifying Signs of Arthritis

Capabilities & Behaviour


Dogs are the most popular companion animal because they are loyal and do their best to please us. Even when they have the discomfort of arthritis they will still do their best, but they may:

  • Hesitate before attempting the stairs
  • Stumble or bunny hop steps
  • Pause and reposition themselves before attempting to get in the car, or even stumble or fail
  • Sit down slower than normal, or lay down unenthusiastically.


Just as we usually show our pain with mood swings, intolerance, and general grumpiness, so too do dogs.

  • They may become antisocial and sit away from you, or they become clingy and need to be near you
  • They may start to love you to rub their back, or start pulling away from you, or even snapping at you
  • They may seem uninterested in their walks, or show enthusiasm which quickly fades.

The key to good arthritis management is to identify YOUR DOG’S signs of pain early. If you think your dog is in pain or may have arthritis, find out more about diagnosing the disease, or about ways you can help to manage it.