What Causes Arthritis?

Acquired Causes

How to combat traumatic causes of arthritis?
  1. Promptly consult your vet when your dog has an injury, especially if it involves joints.
  2. If a believed mild joint injury is not improving rapidly then re-consult your vet for an appropriate investigation.
  3. Have a thorough investigation rather than guessing what is wrong, to ensure the right treatment is given.
  4. Continue to have regular consultations with your vet until the problem is resolved.
Common causes of Acquired Osteoarthritis…

Traumatic injuries can be fractures, ligament damage, or dislocations, and are normally obvious as at the time of the event the damage and pain can be seen to involve a joint. Acting promptly to joint damage should reduce the resultant arthritis signs later in life.

Immune mediated disease is when the dogs own immune system starts attacking the joint creating inflammation. This is very painful and progresses quickly, so rapid identification and action is essential. There are many different kinds of immune mediated disease, some linked to other illnesses such as cancer elsewhere in the body, some linked to drug reaction and some are breed specific. Often the cause is not found and treatment is focused on preventing further immune mediated damage.

Infections within the joint are normally caused by penetrating injuries or because a joint surgery was contaminated. They are normally obvious with severe pain, heat and swelling being localised to that joint. Investigating what caused the infection is sensible so the most appropriate treatment can be chosen, this is normally a long course of antibiotics and possibly surgery.