A summary by Hannah.


When Holly came into my life 15 years ago, I didn’t spend much time considering what life would be like with a senior dog. It never occurred to me that it would be different to having an adult dog. But how wrong was I. We used to walk, run, camp and paddle board together, and had a very active owner – dog bond.

When her mobility started to become a restrictive factor to consider our world closed in somewhat. We had to consider where was accessible, how long for and whether it was going to have negative implications for her a few days after. I think we have both struggled with this, as it is a nagging reminder that we are in the latter years together.


Interviews from the Big Walk

In our joinery we took a number of video interviews that we feel demonstrate the purpose of the Big Walk, awareness and education.

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Update from RVN Lynsey and myself
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The Big Walk saw vet Hannah Capon and her loyal 15 year old Border Collie take on walking the South Downs way from the 9th to 16th September to raise awareness of the prevalence of arthritis in dogs and educate the public that through identifying it earlier, and acting on its diagnosis, that their dogs would inevitably live longer. Under the #yourdogmoreyears the two battled up and down the rugged terrain from Eastbourne to Winchester blogging, and talking to locals. They slept rough in a small tent or had the generosity of a car boot or pull out sofa bed. Hannah frequently overrode Holly’s desire to march on, by insisting she had a rest, instead pushing her in a specially adapted dog trolley. “A couple of times I thought there would be no way I could get her, plus the trolley to the top of one of the many beacons, but I think sheer determination to make canine Arthritis management succeed got me through!”

Canine arthritis is believed to affect 80% of dogs over the age of 8. Its main clinical sign is pain and reduced mobility, often being mistake for “just getting old” or “just slowing down”. It is a leading cause of premature elective euthanasia in the UK due to poor identification and action.

Canine Arthritis Management is a FOC veterinary driven online resource for owners to educate themselves regarding the disease. It aims to provide owners and vets with the tools to identify, diagnose, monitor and manage this condition, which will lead to longer improved lives for our senior dogs.




We’re always looking for supporters to help Hannah and Holly on their way and to spread the word about Canine Arthritis in general. To this end we’ve set up a Just Giving page.

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