The Sofa

Many dogs share sofas and armchairs with their owners. Getting on and off these can be a challenge for the dog with arthritis. Some may accept alternative beds on the floor if provided, but to some dogs sitting on the sofa represents an important part of their lives and interaction with their owners.

Bad examples
Good examples
Top tips

● There are a wide selection of ramps and dog steps available, ranging from custom made, to reasonably priced and easily available. Have a look on amazon or ebay for example!

● Make sure any ramp or step has a non slip surface

● It may be possible to reduce the height of the seat by removing castors or a seat cushion and replacing it with a lower profile blanket

● Smaller dogs may be happy to be lifted on and off the sofa

● Ensure that there is a non-slip floor covering in place where the dog gets on and off the sofa

● Ensure covers are not slippery to prevent the dog falling off