Interacting with other dogs

Socializing with other dogs, either in the same household or ‘out and about’ will be more concerning for the dog with pain or unstable joints. It is really important to try and prevent injuries in the dog with arthritis and so interactions should be closely controlled and monitored to ensure that play is gentle and within the ‘comfort zone’ of the affected dog.

Bad examples
Good examples
Top tips

● Limit play to trusted companions. Do not put the dog in a position where he will be forced to defend himself from multiple dogs wanting to play

● Change activities. If your dog has always played ‘high drive’ adrenaline fueled games try and reduce these introducing calmer activities which they will enjoy just as much. Look out for ideas on canine enrichment from the CAM website as well as the Facebook page ‘Canine Enrichment

● Teach other dogs in the household to be calm around the arthritic dog

● Ensure that the dog can always get away from others if they wish to