Dog Beds

The perfect dog bed does not exist! The ability to rest comfortably is a basic requirement for all of us and is particularly important for the dog with arthritis. Some dogs prefer to curl up in a basket while other want to stretch out on the floor. Dog beds should combine a draft free position with a mattress that is both supportive and conforming. The bed should be easy to get in and out of and the dog should be able to change their position without difficulty.

Bad examples
Good examples
Top tips

● Make sure that the dog has enough room to line themselves up to get in and out of the bed.

● Shorter legs need lower beds

● Memory foam mattresses can be purchased to standard sizes, made to measure or cut to size for you to cover. Do some research

● Dogs that struggle to step onto the mattress may find it easier if the edge is chamfered

● If you are using loose blankets put the in a duvet cover or pillowcase to prevent them bunching up and forming an obstacle. Tuck them around the mattress

● Movement of a bed, mattress or bedding on the supporting surface can be eliminated by using a sheet of Dycem under. Search on line for this product.

● Avoid hammock style beds