Veterinary Practice Talks

CAM offers practice talks for the whole practice team, with the intention of empowering all practice staff to be involved with setting up the “OA A team”. After these inciteful motivating lectures CAM aims to help you have your OA clinic up and running in-house or externally within days!

CAM director and founder Hannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS has been treating arthritic dogs for 16 years as a first opinion vet. But after further study and setting up her own mobile arthritis clinic, she realised there was so much more that could be done for this common disease. First hand she experienced that excellent pain control could be achieved through combining pharmaceutical and complementary therapy in a truly multimodal approach. She also noted that owners can better manage the condition when they have a better understanding of what arthritis is, how is affects their dog, and how it progresses. That education is key to successful treatment. Thus the birth of CAM.

Hannah feels six key areas require further attention in the management of canine arthritis.

  • helping the public be able to identify the signs of chronic pain in their dog
  • helping vets and their team identify chronic pain in a dog in the stressful environment of the consult room
  • educating the owner about the disease and what their role in managing it is
  • advising the owner more accurately regarding exercising a dog with arthritis
  • helping owners identify the lifestyle changes and dangers within their home that need addressing for successful management of the pain and progression of the disease
  • spending time with the owner to explain what is a very complicated disease which has complicated management plans but also to listen to their concerns and understanding to ensure the expectations of both parties are mutual and achievable

Human arthritis knowledge and treatment has progressed massively in recent years. Patient education and empowerment to take action in self management is foundational in managing human arthritic related pain. CAM aims to follow the benchmark human medicine has set.

Currently CAM offers two practice packages:


5 hours of lectures aimed at the whole practice team, following the 5 x 5 x 5 practice communication tool.

  • stage 1 – identification
  • stage 2 – diagnosis
  • stage 3 – initial treatment plan
  • stage 4 – follow up management
  • stage 5 – end of life care

It tackles the difficulties of client communication, encouraging further investigations, creating multimodal treatment plans, managing owner expectations and maintaining compliance.


Arrive 8.30 to set up for start at 9am

9 am – 10.30 am – Receptionists

  • Awareness and identification of arthritis
  • What actually is arthritis?
  • Why don’t they limp or cry? Acute pain versus chronic pain
  • What is a receptionist’s role in managing arthritis more effectively?
  • Considered communication, what is it?
  • Where can you and your client learn more?

11 am – 12.30 pm – Vets

  • Arthritis, a global disease. What you may not have thought of
  • Awareness and identification of arthritis
  • Considered communication
  • Best practice approach to managing this disease
  • The importance of the “foundational” management plans
  • How to fit all of this into a busy evening clinic?
  • A glimpse at the future. A summary of emerging approaches to managing the disease

1 pm- 2.30 pm – Whole team

  • The ideal… case studies of excellently managed cases
  • Roles within the team, why each group are important and how they worked in each of those cases
  • OA friendly clinic status and what that could mean for your practice
  • 5 x 5 x 5 and how it works in practice
  • Where to start – a game plan on implementing all this… tomorrow

3 pm -4.30 pm – Vet Nurses

  • Awareness and identification of arthritis
  • Why don’t they limp or cry? Acute pain versus chronic pain
  • Arthritis, a disease of the whole body
  • Setting up a dedicated arthritis clinic
  • Considered communication, what is it?
  • Where can you and your client learn more?


The practice will have the option of using CAM client resources, designed to enable a practice to get an OA clinic up, running and successful immediately after the training.

Please contact us from our contact page or send us an email to for further details and to find out more about how we can support your practice with our insightful training and knowledge.