Public Talks

Through better understanding of chronic pain and how dogs show it, arthritis can be identified earlier, and treatment will be more successful.  This will reduce our dog’s pain and perhaps the need for elective euthanasia due to chronic pain.

“During a very bad week in practice I put two dogs to sleep in quick succession who had both gone off their back legs. They were mentally there but their bodies had given up. I suddenly realised that osteoarthritis needed to be approached much more thoroughly and at a much earlier stage in a dog’s life.”

CAM director and founder, Hannah Capon MA Vet MB MRCVS, has been a small animal vet for 15 years, and developed a passion in arthritis management 5 years ago. For the last 3 years she has run a home-visiting service throughout Sussex, allowing arthritic dogs to be assessed in the calm and comfort of their own surroundings.

Hannah’s empathetic, empowering and motivational talks on how to manage canine arthritis are suitable for all dog owners and those involved in dog welfare and care.

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