Canine Arthritis Management is a registered company, operating as a Social Enterprise Group – which means that any profit we make, goes straight back into CAM to keep the service available. We welcome anyone wanting to support us financially by doing fundraising activities, buying our products and raising awareness to help us to continue to help owners around the world.

CAM exists to help provide education and support for owners. In the human world, someone with Arthritis might get access to a home assessment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other complementary therapies alongside their medication. We are also encouraged to self educate, self empower and self initiate logical changes for the sake of our well being. Online providers are there to facilitate that In the dog world. It can be easy to overlook the house modifications as your vet cannot come to every owners home and advise on other modifications. CAM bridges that gap and supports you and your vet to raise awareness of the multimodal approach needed for canine arthritis in much the same way as is done in the human world.

We have lots of information available. Our Book Series is available to buy from our shop, we have two facebook groups linked to our facebook page, our facebook page, our Twitter page, our Forum and our website – all of which are packed full of help, tips, advice, information and importantly, support. Click on the links on the top right of our home page and you can find all of our online platforms, or scroll down the homepage as a full portal.

Yes! We have a dedicated forum set up for you to ask questions to our team, and to other dog owners for help and guidance. You can find it by going to www.cam-foundation.co.uk

Canine Arthritis Management is an information portal providing owners with the education, resources and community to support you looking after your dog. We are NOT a replacement for your vet, and should never be used as such.

Canine Arthritis Support Services, our sister company, do offer home visits but this is in strict conjunction with your vet, not as a replacement. For this service, please visit http://cam-support.co.uk/
The CAM team consists of professionals all qualified in a variety of therapies and may offer services near you. To find out more, visit https://caninearthritis.co.uk/cam-team/

Firstly, breathe. It can be very overwhelming at first, and emotionally devastating. The good news is, that you’ve come to the right place! We are a specialist team of Vets, Nurses, Therapists and Counsellors to help you understand the diagnosis, get factual information and access to a wide network of owners all who are going through the same thing, or are experienced in managing their dog. As a quick new users guide, we have;
www.cam-foundation.co.uk – A members forum for you to ask questions to other owners, and our team.
https://www.facebook.com/CAMarthritis/ – Our main webpage, and access to two private Groups packed full of support and information.
https://caninearthritis.co.uk/itsmyhometoo/ – Our easy to use home assessment tool that allows you to walk around your home and notice any quick and simple adaptations to make to help your dog.

Canine Arthritis Management can provide a wide variety of practice talks, lectures, CPD and awareness days. We have worked with many well known veterinary practices, associations and rehabilitation centres to provide education and CPD. We also sell practice bundles of merchandise including business cards, posters, booklets and flyers to help you help your owners. Please visit https://caninearthritis.co.uk/how-we-can-help/veterinary-talks/ or email ashleigh@caninearthritis.co.uk for more information and bookings.