Case Study: Teagan

10 Year Old Irish Setter
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Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

Unsettled at night, choosing to change position every few hours

Limp of right fore due to shoulder OA, hip dysplasia both hips

Offloading stance with right hind by placing behind her and to the side

Grumpy when being touched or brushed

Overweight with about 6 kg

Previous regime

On NSAIDs daily

New regime

Added in chronic pain indicator assessment

Weight loss

weekly Hydrotherapy on underwater treadmill

Physiotherapy: Massage and laser treatments

Teagan lost 7 kg in the course of 6 months. The owner says her dog has a new leash on life! She was considering euthanazie beforehand as her dog seemed depressed and in pain. However she now says that her dog has not been as active and cheerful since she was a young dog of about 4 years old. She was even able to totally stop the NSAIDs, which are now only occasionally given in case of need. The physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, together with the weight loss literally saved her life!

By Nathalie Janssen – – Facebook: Fitdog/lu