Case Study: Ruby Dawes

12 Year Old Labrador
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Generalised arthritis, especially in both knees

Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Lame in the right fore
  • Very prominent slow, staged lie down
  • Solid muscles over her lower back
  • No stretching
  • Very stiff in the mornings

Previous regime

  • Robenacoxib (anti-inflammatory) intermittently
  • Joint supplements (not clear on ingredients)

New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Reliable daily robenacoxib initially
  • Huge number of house changes: no access to the steep wooden stairs, better bedding, non- slip matting throughout, raised feeding bowls
  • Lifting in and out of the car
  • Starting using food toys, such as Kongs
  • Exercise modification – reduced the length of walks
  • Myotherapy

Ruby had a huge setback after drinking cooking oil. She suffered pancreatitis and then aspiration pneumonia, but survived. With the house modifications, a better understanding of her medications, and using her pain indicators so they could tailor her exercise, she showed significant improvement.

She is now living in London in a new home that has had simple modifications such as ramps and carpets. She is doing well and enjoying walks around Richmond Park.