Case Study: Poppy

10 Year Old Greyhound
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What clinical signs were first noticed? Her hindlimb gait began to appear stiff and stilted, her stance appeared wider as though she was steadying herself and a reduction in the time, she could cope exercising for.

What was the length of time before veterinary intervention was sought:
A couple of weeks after Poppy looked consistently uncomfortable through her hindlimbs and back which then led to a veterinary appointment.

What was the veterinary diagnosis given:
Lumbar spondylitis  

What diagnostic tests were used?
Xray and physical examination was used.

Were there any coexisting conditions which meant treatment had to be altered or changed to suit the individual animal?

Which pharmaceutical/ NSAIDs were prescribed? Were any dietary alterations or supplements used?:
Metacam was used initially to control the pain and then Poppy was able to be weaned off of her dosage once she began complimentary therapy to strengthen her back musculature to support her.

Any lifestyle or home adaptions made following diagnosis?
Floors are carpeted so slipping is not a problem. Poppy has a supportive orthopaedic bed and a foam roller to rest her back against which makes her feel more supported and comfortable.

Was the dog’s daily exercise altered following diagnosis?

Any complimentary therapies used? E.g. hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture etc?
Underwater treadmill was used from the beginning to strengthen her back and limb musculature, this has been maintained and enabled her to be weaned off of her medication. When Poppy has a flare up Laser therapy is used to decrease pain, inflammation and improve clinical symptoms.

Have the clinical symptoms improved, worsened or stayed the same:
As Poppy’s symptoms are not managed conservatively through laser therapy and water treadmill exercise she is rested where required to manage the pain and discomfort- but generally her discomfort has stabilised due to a combination of lifestyle adaptions and management.