Case Study: Poppy Phillips

17 Year Old Terrier
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Severe arthritis in both elbows and left knee, chronic renal failure

Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Walked like a robot, slow and stiff in all limbs
  • Intermittently non-weight bearing on the left fore and obviously in a lot of pain
  • Not wishing to exercise
  • Not wishing to interact

Previous regime: no medication

New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Later in the disease course added in tramadol
  • Made access into the car easier
  • Myotherapy

Poppy had chronic renal failure, which the owner was managing well with appetite stimulants, blood pressure pills etc, but it prevented her having ant-inflammatories. Poppy responded very well to myotherapy which maintained her for another 16 months of wonderful life. She was put to sleep when her quality of life deteriorated rapidly.