Case Study: Mickey Sawyer

13 Year Old Crossbreed
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Arthritis in both elbows and left knee

Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Lameness in right hind
  • Poor gait in all 4 limbs, swaying dramatically from side to side when walking
  • Little stretching and yawning
  • Stumbling often on daily walks
  • No longer able to hold a squat and toilet in one place
  • Difficulty tackling the simplest of steps

Previous regime tramadol once a day, turmeric, joint supplement, homeopathic treatment and acupuncture. He had not had anti-inflammatories as he had had a bout of vomiting and diarrhoea soon after starting meloxicam.

New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Reintroduced a different anti inflammatory
  • Modified house to reduce slipping
  • Introduced feeding him from a kong to encourage the use of his neck, forelimbs and shoulders
  • Encouraged him up for a walk first thing in the morning to get his joints moving and muscles loosening
  • Better bedding
  • No more ball games as too intense
  • Myotherapy

Mickey’s owner was very observant and would notice the first signs of him deteriorating, such a stumbling on a walk, or unsteady on his legs at home. As soon as she saw him begin to clip his toes on the ground when walking she would know he was feeling weak and possibly in pain. By combining the above with a myotherapy session every 4 weeks, Mickey enjoyed another year of good quality life.