Case Study: Lola Talbot

12 Year Old Boxer
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Assumed generalised arthritis, previous surgery on the left knee due to cruciate ligament rupture

Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Slow and stiff everywhere
  • A very prominent slow-staged lie down
  • No stretching
  • No yawning noted
  • Circling a few times to get ready to lie down

Previous regime thyroxine supplementation

New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Huge number of house changes such as rugs on the wooden floors, modified and enlarged dog flap with reduced drop on the outside, stopped access to steep wooden stairs, better bedding, raised the feeding bowls
  • Exercise modification – reduced the length of walks
  • Trimmed fur between pads to offer her better grip
  • Ramp for getting in and out of the car
  • Myotherapy
  • Intermittent anti inflammatory use after chronic pain indicator assessment

Lola’s mum was very dedicated and house adjustments really helped. Lola lived a very happy life for another 8 months before being put to sleep due to a suspect brain tumor.