Case Study: Harold Maguire

4 Year Old Bernese Mountain Dog
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Severe arthritis in both elbows and both knees

Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Slow and stiff everywhere
  • Never stretched
  • Lots of moving around at night
  • No stamina to exercise, very short bursts of activity

Previous regime

  • Firocoxib, boswelia/glucosamine/chondroitin supplements

New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Put floor runners throughout the house
  • Bought a child’s cot mattress for a dog bed, as well as huge lilo
  • Made access into the car easier
  • Exercise modification – stopped walking in the woodland where he stumbled a lot
  • Myotherapy
  • Surgery on each knee to stabilise them as suspected he had had cruciate disease

Harold is quite a cheeky character, and really does not do what you ask of him, but through the owner learning how Harold expressed discomfort he has seen the benefit to changes to his routine and house. He even had the front seat taken out of his car to make sure he could get in and out more easily.

Harold has had each knee operated on and is currently recovering and starting a course of rehab exercises to get the strength back in his legs. He is not lame in his forelimbs even though he has severe arthritis probably due to dysplasia. Owner would consider surgery on them in the future if the pain returns.