Case Study: Comtesse

11 Year Old golden retriever
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Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

lameness in right hind from a previous cruciate injury

Very tight all along back

Unwillingness to walk even before the operation

Sleeping a lot

Previous regime

On NSAIDs daily. Very reduced activity level

New regime

Added in chronic pain indicator assessment

Added in 3 short walks a day of about 15-20 minutes each

Post operative physiotherapy

Treatment of OA:  Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

Physiotherapy: Massage, laser treatments and rehabilitation exercises

Comtesse is happier overall and more alert and interacting with her owner. NSAIDS intake has been reduced. She started jumping up on sofa anf bed again and beeing her cheeky previous self around the house. Comtesse now enjoys short but frequent walks with her owner and really loves doing her prescribed at home rehabilitation exercises.

By Nathalie Janssen – – Facebook: Fitdog/lu