Case Study: Bertie Mayer

10 Year Old Labrador
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Assumed generalised arthritis, worse in the right forelimb

Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Lame in his right fore
  • Slow and stiff everywhere
  • Very difficult to lay down and get up
  • Not wishing to exercise

Previous regime


New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Huge weight loss drive, scatter feed technique
  • Started accessing the house through the back door so less stairs to climb
  • Made a ramp from decking on to the grass
  • Exercise modification – stopped walking on the uneven beach
  • Changed to another anti-inflammatory
  • Myotherapy

Dramatic improvement in Bertie’s mobility and he got his zest for life back. The owner has maintained the plan, and Bertie is going strong having lost nearly 5 kg. The right fore lameness appears every now and then but is consistently resolved with hands on techniques.