Case Study: Behr Beagley

11 Year Old Dog
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Chosen possible chronic pain indicators

  • Seeming unsettled at night, choosing to change position every few hours
  • Persistently low tail carriage
  • Wide-based stance in hind limbs when standing and walking with straight knees
  • Scuffing pads of his hind feet when walking because he was not picking his feet up properly
  • Persistently licking of the left fore

Previous regime

On paracetamol when required and acupuncture every other week

New regime

  • Added in chronic pain indicator assessment
  • Trialled metacam but had diarrhoea so stopped
  • Weight loss
  • Exercise modification – reduced the length of walks
  • Myotherapy

Owner slowly saw improvements with less pad scuffing with hind limbs, slightly higher tail carriage, sleeping through the night.

Over time robenacoxib was added but discontinued due to suspect gastrointestinal upset. Reintroduced paracetamol. Introduced chiropractic, reduced myotherapy treatment frequency.

Sadly passed away due to a liver tumor.