Super Feedy Bowl

Super Feedy

Slow feeding. Perfected.

The Super Feedy is a dog bowl like no other. Combining incredible quality and durability, a practical design and multipurpose use, it is the best dog bowl on the market that CAM have seen. Its unique 4-in-1 slow feeder design offers unprecedented value; a deep non-slip puzzle feeder and 2 heavy duty lickimats that all combine to make a cunning lunch box. We love the Super Feedy!

Benefits of this dog bowl

  • Slow feeding supports weight management plans through extending feeding time reducing the likelihood of post meal begging
  • Focused slow reward feeding strategies release pleasure related hormones which may influence anxiety and fear based behaviours as well as pain
  • Repetitive pleasurable activities, such as using lickimats create mental stimulation and distraction, especially useful for dogs on restricted activity
  • It’s a solid piece of equipment that is made from recycled plastic leaving less impact on our precious planet
  • The non-skid suction cup prevents bowl chasing and the risk of slips and falls
  • Convenient and easy to clean as dishwasher proof


“Lickimats are great, but require the dog to lean down to floor level to access. The Super Feedy has totally changed this by positioning them on a non-slip raised surface.”

Dr Hannah Capon, CAM Founder