big barker beds endorsed

Big Barker

Real beds for big dogs

Big Barker is leading the dog bed technology. They have designed an orthopaedic bed that will help your dog’s joints and sleep. They are the only bed company to do a clinical study of their bed and have strong data to prove the benefits of their design.

Benefits of a Big Barker bed

  • spreads weight across their body to relieve stress on joints
  • provides warmth which will soothe painful joints
  • having a good night's sleep is essential for dogs in chronic pain


“I had the chance to offer my beautiful Holly a Big Barker bed in her later years and can honestly say the product lives up to its promises. not only was it durable and of great quality, I could see it supported my dog’s frail body. I would recommend this bed and just wished I had bought her one for her younger years.”

Dr Hannah Capon, CAM’s Founder